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Lata: Piotr Tkacz and Maciej Maciągowski

Piotr Tkacz is an improviser, music writer, DJ, organizer. He plays mainly on turntable and with objects, sometimes on radio and other instruments. Apart from Lata his main music projects are Radioda, Stupor, Sumpf, Tkacze, Revue svazu českých architektů. He has also recorded with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Seiji Morimoto.
He is on the founders of an improvisation festival FRIV and a series of music matinees za duszno.

Maciej Maciągowski is an ignorant musician, amateur of electronics and MSc in acoustics. Creates sounds using modular synthesizer, spring tanks, DC motors and everyday objects. Interested in defects of musical equipment, feedbacks, micro noises and magnetic field. Participates in such projects as: Bachorze, Cococlock and Lata.

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