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Mathias Pontévia

Lives in Bordeaux – France

Studies of piano, law and drums.

Seriously influenced by Varese, Elvin Jones, Jacques Tati, Barre Phillips, John Cage, Jack Dejohnette, Tex Avery, Lê Quan Ninh, Cecil Taylor, J.S. Bach, Jackson Pollock, Sunny Murray, Jimmy Lyons, Marcel Duchamp, John Coltrane, Rauchenberg, Louis De Funes, Michel Donéda, Miles Davis, Jean Sabrier, Bantem Srei, surfcasting fishing.

Founded (2001) and manages the music place Centre d’Improvisation Libre in Bordeaux: contact_cil@club-internet.fr

Plays a self made drum kit: bass drum, snare, cymbals, gongs, pieces of metal.

Rock with the Machine_Gun quintet: Julien Perrugini (bass) Ludowick Thomas (alto sax) Sébastien Capazza (tenor sax) Nush Wershowska (keyboards).

Improvised music with David Chiesa (bass), Frédéric Blondy (piano), drums trio with Didier Lasserre and Edward Perraut; trio with Claude Saubole (guitar) et Benjamin Bondonneau (cl); quintet Claude Saubole Benjamin Bondonneau, David Chiesa et Fabrice Charles (trombone). Trio with B.Gauguet (sax) et J.S.Mariage (electric guitar).Trio PAKOS avec Heddy Boubaker (asax) et Nush Wershowska (piano). Plays solo helped-drums.

Works and meets, Daunik Lazro (alto & bariton sax), Beñat Achiary (voice), Le Quan Ninh (percussions), Barre Philipps (bass), Jérôme Noetinger (electro-acoustics), Mickael Jeffrey Stevens (piano), Martine Altenburger (cello), Bertrand Denzler (tenor sax), Michel Doneda (soprano sax)…

Improvising with dancers: Anne Gieysse, Ly Thanh Tiên (performer and poet), Camilla Escudero.

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