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Simon James Phillips

Simon is a Berlin based pianist from Australia - he trained as a classical pianist in Australia and Sweden but now works primarily as an experimental improvising pianist and composer.

Musically, he constructs an open sonic atmosphere that provides the audience with time to reflect upon and explore the sound. By controlling the pace of a piece’s development, his intention is to affect the perception of time through music. Simon is influenced by electronic music, and is particularly interested in trying to replicate the mechanical and repetitive sounds that surround us. He is also attracted to the tension between trying to recreate inorganic sound with the piano and the limitations of the instrument and his own physical mechanism.

Simon has recently begun to work as a composer on a number of projects. He works often in a collaborative environment inviting musicians to contribute to a composition through rehearsal.

New projects include: In May, a release of a recording of the Blage 3 performance from Tanz im August 2011, on Mikroton Recordings; Composition for a semi-staged song-cycle for 4 voices, piano and electronics is under way; work has also begun on a new solo album; a new release from The Swifter is ready and waiting for the right label; a possible collaboration with US composer/electronic musician Rafael Anton Irisarri could be in the works...; and a number of exciting new projects with the Berlin Splitter Orchester.

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