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Steve Heather

Steve Heather studied percussion and improvisation at The Victorian College of the Arts in Australia (1991) and Performance Art at DasArts in Amsterdam (2006). Since 1994 Steven Heather has been performing and recording as a musician regularly in Australia, Europe, America and Asia. Currently living in Berlin, he plays in a wide variety of groups, from impro, electro-acoustic and jazz, to rock, noise and dub. His current music projects include, BOOKLET (Tobius Delius, Joe Williamson) TUB (Thomas Meadowcroft, Boris Hauf), HEAVEN AND (Martin Siewert, Zeitblom), MRS CONCEPTION (Axel Dörner, Tobius Delius, Jan Roder). Steve also is a co-founder of the new media/ performance group SXS ENTERPRISE with Siegmar Zacharias and Xander De Boer. He composes and performs regularly in the fields of dance, theater, film new media and performance and has had residencies in Australia, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

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