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Werner Dafeldecker

Werner Dafeldecker has a background in european modern music and improvisation, examination of graphical notations, fluxus, minimal music, electroacoustic music, jazz and field recordings. His musical projects are often inspired and decuced by outside influences such as architecture, physics, photography and film. Longtime sound and structure studies and the formulation of distinct articulations are in the center of Dafeldecker´s work as a composer and musician and parallel to technological developements often connected with with electronic formats.

Werner Dafeldecker studied double bass at the Konservatorium in Vienna. He is a member of Ton.Art, Burkhard Stangl’s Maxixe and works in a duo with Uli Fussenegger. He has worked with Eugene Chadbourne, Gene Coleman, Ned Rothenberg, Walter Malli, Tom Varner, Franz Kogelmann, Christoph Kurzmann, Christian Fennesz, Wayne Horvitz, Tony Buck, Jim O’Rourke, Radu Malfatti, Kevin Drumm, Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Maxixe, Ton.Art and others. He has composed for several different ensembles, theatre and crossover: Klangforum Wien, European Tuba Quartet, Polwechsel, Shabotinski and Ton Art among others. Co-founder of Durian Records.

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