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Kenneth Kirschner
March 20, 2007 et al

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1. March 20, 2007
2. September 10, 2006
3. December 18, 2004
4. January 13, 2007

Kenneth Kirschner piano, non-piano
Kurt Liedwart design
Lena Avdeeva photography

If you look at just about any period in my work, you'll find pieces that are totally focused on piano, or that are all about piano-type thinking, and then you'll find pieces right next to them that have nothing to do with piano at all, that are all about escape from the piano, escaping from that mode of thought, into a world of insects, or particles, or strange forces or other planets. This is one of those long-term themes that runs through my work, this constant push and pull, back and forth, to and from the piano. And it's certainly true of my recent work as well. So while I wouldn't say that I'm moving away from using piano as a source, I would certainly agree that this tension is one of those key dynamics that animates what I'm doing.

* From the interview with Tobias Fischer, published September 23, 2007 on Tokafi