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Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra
Live At NCCA

Digital edition

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Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra: Kurt Liedwart, Andrei Smirnov, Dmitry Baikov, Dmitry Savinov, Dmitry Subochev, KuzinEA, Lubov Pchelkina, Oleg Makarov, Patrick K-H, Sasha Kulagin, Viktor Chernenko laptop

Produced by Kurt Liedwart
Edited and mastered by Andrei Smirnov
Recorded by Dmitry Baikov
Photography Lena Avdeeva

CybOrk is a large net of spatially separated mobile workstations, having local sound and integrated into a wifi network. It explores all sorts of interaction between players, algorithms, sensors, environments and audiences. Although CybOrk programs contain precomposed and structured music, the core esthetics is based on CyberJam idea of free improvised session, based on exploration of predetermined algorithms, when no other formal sonic, compositional or genre boundaries are fixed, no rules of acting are applied. There is only one entry point that triggers adventurous search for constantly changing identity evolving in conventional time and space, resulting in a self-generative and self-organizing sounding and visual textures ravelling and unravelling, fraying and renewing back producing a rich palette of clippings, raw digits, dense overdriven noises, deep drones or skipping solos.