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Ilia Belorukov / Denis Sorokin

Digital edition

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1. Hofka

Ilia Belorukov composition, alto saxophone with mini-amp, monotron and objects, ppooll, samples, field recordings, recording, mixing, mastering
Denis Sorokin acoustic guitar, box, bow, table, tuning fork, ipolysix
Kurt Liedwart design

"I wonder what they want," he said at last. "That fellow has already been here. Why did they send him to me? If they want to know what I'm doing all they have to do is read it on the screen, they don't even need to leave the house. They make mistakes. They have the power but they make mistakes. I never make any, that's my trump card. Hoffka!" he said. He shook his long hands before his forehead." The bitch! Hoffka! Paffka! Suffka! Do you want any more?"
— Jean-Paul Sartre "The Room"

Some time ago I had Mikroton Digital, a net sublabel of Mikroton Recordings & Publishing, Ltd. It didn't have any releases for 4 years since 2009. Now it's going to be more a laboratory than a netlabel. Less music this time, no answers, mostly questions and putting problems, I'm not sure that what's going to be put online can be called "releases" or "albums" as some finished and accomplished statements. In laboratory guise it can produce only solutions to problems of contemporary music and sound. This comeback is also a kind of tribute to 100-year anniversary of Luigi Russolo's Art of Noises manifest which didn't have so much hype last year as Cage's 100 years a year before.
— Kurt Liedwart, Mikroton Recordings & Publishing, Ltd. founder and curator

The first instalment in the new incarnation focuses on metamusic, sound/space and performance. It was recorded in 2013 on July 12th in Art Liga Gallery by Ilia Belorukov and Denis Sorokin. After they met 1 hour and a half before the concert, Ilia devised a plan of the concert, wrote instructions for Denis, placed different sound sources around the space, balanced the volumes and checked the sound. For instance, the second half of Denis' guitar part is a guitar solo from a Metallica's song but nobody will figure it out due to the following reasons: 1) it's performed 3-4 times slower, 2) it's performed on a completely detuned guitar. Denis walks around the space, he had instructions not only what and when to play but also where to play. Ilia's parts are entirely improvisational but he moved around the space as well.