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Ilia Belorukov

Digital edition

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1. srnnn=>hknm
2. sttn+bckrd

Ilia Belorukov ipad with sine waves + mini-speakers & preparations
Andrey Popovskiy motors, ebow, objects, mini-amps
Recorded, composed, mixed & mastered by Ilia Belorukov
Duo recorded at Experimental Sound Gallery, 2012
Field recordings from Ljubljana, Helsinki & Saint-Petersburg, 2012-2013

Only two materials comprise Ilia Belorukov's album srnnn=>hknm. Field recordings made in Helsinki, Ljubljana and Saint Petersburg and a duo session with Andrey Popovskiy where they employed mini drivers, mini amps and minuature objects, motors and preparations. The juxtaposition of two different sound environments gave a new picture: music in the context of urban noises, everyday fortuity in the context of intentionally made manipulations.